Textbooks for Classical Civilization:
Homer. The Odyssey. Transl. by R. Fagles.
ApolloniosRhodios.The Argonautika. Transl. by P. Green. Berkeley 1997
Aeschylus.Agamemnon. Transl. by Lattimore (or any other you may have)

Textbooks for Introductory Greek:
Athenaze, Book I: An Introduction to Ancient Greek. M. Balme, G. Lawall, and J. Morwood. Oxford, 2016.
Mondi, R. and P. L. Corrigan. 2013. A Student Handbook of Greek and English Grammar. Hackett Publishing Company: Indianapolis.

Textbook for Intermediate Greek:
Mather, M. W. and Hewitt, J. W.: Xenophon's Anabasis, Books I-IV.Norman,1979.

Textbook for Advanced Greek:
K.J. Dover, ed. Thucydides. Book VI. Duckworth, 2002.

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Updated: 20-12-2018
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